Angela Wand

Full length performance
Tumbascenen, Friday 11/3 19.00

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Angela Wand | Wounded Animals – The Angela Wand Show
Length: 70 min
Language: English, can also be performed in Swenglish
Recommended audience: From 15 years
The performance is created for indoor venues

The performance
A solo show celebrating the faults and misgivings of humans and our desperate attempt at doing the right thing while gallantly striving to maintain an ounce of grace in the process. With comedy, circus acts, stand-up, performance, roller skating, rap, jazz hands and a little touch of Vegas, humility is revealed to emphasize human kindness and show you just how fabulous the mundane can be. Written and created by Angela Wand. Directed and created by Stephen Rappaport.

The company
Ruby Rose Productions is a performing arts cooperative which creates with and supports artists within circus, variety, theatre, stage design, costume, music, clubs, network and festivals. Ruby Rose goal is to broaden and create feministic performing arts in all forms regardless of gender, race, class or sexual preference. Ruby Rose is an established platform for international and local artists and visionaries to create and produce their work within the shelter of a company with a strong support network. Angela Wand has also worked in companies such as Burnt Out Punks, Cirkus Cirkör and several of Sweden´s main theatre Institutions.

Angela Wand

With the support of Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden), Festival Novog Cirkusa, Circus Arts, Riksteatern and Subtopia.