100 % Circus

100 % CIRCUS
Full length performance
Estrad Södertälje, Friday 17/11 20.00

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100 % CIRCUS | 100 % CIRCUS
Duration: 50 min
Language: English
Recommended audience: Family, all ages.
The performance is created in versions for both indoor and outdoor venues

The performance
100 % Circus offers a setting that constantly will try to bend peoples preconceived ideas. The performers will make the audience question some of their most basic understandings of physics, like the necessity of breathing, the immutability of gravity, the correlation between size and strength of a human and the relation one can have with pain.

The company
100 % Circus consist of two artists: Julien Auger from La Meute and Mikkel Hobitz from Sisters. In summer 2015 they decided to start working together and since then the development has been fast and intense. The duo has its roots in the traditional partnering discipline perch, in live music and in the strive to question and twist the ideas and tendencies our world confronts them with.

Julia Simon

With the support of Västmanlandsmusiken, Teatermaskinen, Jatka78, La Cascade, Landskrona Teater and Jenni Kallo.