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61 artistic projects applied for Subcase 2019. The applications came from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – and some involved co-production with other countries. The artistic program of Subcase 2019 is curated by a selection committee. The focus is on building a dynamic and diverse program that will create a good Subcase experience for both presenters and artists.

The selection committee is made up by representatives of organizations from the Nordic and Baltic countries.


Riku Lievonen has been the director of the Cirko Center for New Circus director since 2016. Previously he was the producer of the performing arts programme at Helsinki Festival; worked at Kiasma Theatre and CircusInfo Finland, as well as with Circo Aereo; and established Turku365, a large-scale urban art project. He was a member of the National Council for the Performing Arts 2015-16.
Gintare Masteikaite is artistic director of the international circus festival New Circus Weekend and the contemporary dance festival New Baltic Dance in Lithuania. Since 2017 she has lead the Lithuanian Dance Information Centre. She specializes in producing and presenting contemporary dance at international art fairs, festivals and theatres, promoting cross-continental collaboration.
Jens Frimann Hansen is artistic director of Helsingør Teater, as well as the street theatre festival Passage Festival (DK) which takes place annually in Helsingør in Denmark and Helsingborg in Sweden. He also programmes circus at indoor and outdoor venues in Helsingør, and since 2017 has been artistic director of SO-Festival in Skegness (UK).
Lars Wassrin is artistic director and founder of the East Sweden Circus Festival and the development project Nycirkus Öst in Sweden. Lars worked for more than ten years with Cirkus Cirkör as head of production and director of international relations, but beyond this has worked in the performing arts business since the mid 80s, mostly as a stage director and theatre manager.
Hellen Smitterberg is a curator of performing arts, contemporary circus, theatre, dance and street arts. Current projects include JONK! Performing Arts in the city and region of Jönköping. She also works with Västmanlandsmusiken/Västerås Concert House to program performances and residencies of dance and circus in the city and region.
Katrien Verwilt & Louise Kaare Jacobsen work for Københavns Internationale Teater (KIT), which has presented contemporary circus since 1987 as part of various artistic programmes. KIT also organises development programmes for students, emerging artists, etc. Since 2017 KIT’s main focus has been Metropolis, a season of work that presents site-specific multidisciplinary performing arts, including circus.
Martins Kibers is creative director of the contemporary circus and street arts festival RE RIGA! Since 2013 it has presented more than 100 artists from 20 countries, introducing a wide spectrum of circus arts. Martins also works on a variety of cultural activities including the production of award ceremonies, international conferences, and performances for other festivals in Riga.
Kiki Muukkonen is artistic director of the circus department at the Swedish cultural centre Subtopia. She manages national and international programming, residencies, artistic development projects, seminars, and international relations and offers advice to artists on their projects. Since 2009 she has produced the annual Subcase and curated the circus program in Hangaren Subtopia.