Burnt Out Punks

Full length performance
Stora Scenen Hangaren, Friday 17/11 15.50

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Duration: 80 min
Language: No text
Recommended audience: 11+
The performance is created for indoor venues

The performance
Smoke Screens is a cynical contemporary circus comedy dealing with the dark sides of social media and internet through theatrical effects and illusions. How does reality relate to illusion, how is truth hidden to an uncritical audience, is there an objective truth? Smoke Screens manipulates the audience’s perception of reality to the point where only doubt remains. Through the cracks in a glossy façade they sense a dystopian nightmare – but is that reality? The show will premiere at Jatka 78 in Prague in October 2017.

The company
Burnt Out Punks is a hardcore, fire-driven, petrol-fuelled, anarchistic punk circus that has toured with their post-apocalyptic universe since 2005. They have performed for more than half a million people in 15 countries. With Smoke Screens they take their crazy energy indoors to theatres with the ambition to deepen the scenic imagery and focus on the serious side of comedy.

Evy Wurm

With the support from Jatka 78, La Putyka, Subtopia, Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet), Stockholm Region (Stockholms Läns Landsting), City of Stockholm, Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden).