Circus is not only an art of performance. It can also be found in the form of photographic art.

In the CirkusMania Festival, three artists working in photography will exhibit a selection of their work at the cosy gallery Crum Heaven in Södermalm, close to Subcase’s evening mingle venue at Södra Teatern Bar. Subcase participants are warmly encouraged to visit this gem of a gallery to sip a beer (at an affordable price) while enjoying some 2D circus.

Eskil Rønningsbakken is a Norwegian handbalancer who has made himself widely known with his death-defying mix of art and acrobatics at extreme heights. For over 20 years, he has dedicated his life to his passion: balancing. In collaboration with various photographers, he has created breathtaking artworks that have been exhibited around the world. In CirkusMania, five of Eskil’s photos are exhibited, created in collaboration with the photographers Sindre Lundvold, Hermod Halse and Ole Solvang. Subcase 2019 is proud to use one of Eskil’s works as our profile image.
“It is when I balance that I live. Everything else is just waiting.”

Klara G was born in 1979 in a family of twelve. Growing up with a lot of artists around her she wanted to become a stage director, but ended up as one of Sweden’s most hired photographers. Klara G started off her career in the year 2000 at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, where she did portraits and posters for some of Sweden’s most renowned actors, actresses and directors. Since then she has been working within the different fields of advertising and fashion, portraiture, and, of course, theatre and circus. She is also an experienced DoP for video and stop-motion commercials, fashion films and music videos for Swedish brands and artists. Her images often have a dramatic touch with a special sense of humor.
“I always strive for the perfect balance between seriousness and humor, the clown must always be involved, even if it is in the smallest detail.”

Alex Hinchcliffe is a Swedish photographer who enjoys cross-disciplinary art collaborations. He is originally a portrait photographer, but during his 15 years in the profession he has always worked with photography that involves other art forms, such as music, theater and circus. He has toured with Clowns Without Borders, including in South Sudan and Burma/Myanmar, and for 10 years has been working on a series of portraits of musicians. At CirkusMania, Alex exhibits, amongst other works, two images that were created as posters for Subcase.
“In circus there is often an artistic concept that it is fun for me to play with. The circus is open to doing strange things, and my pictures can be allowed to become a part of the artistic process of the performance.”

On the Tuesday and Wednesday, our DJ Niklas Niki Blomberg, will sometimes sooth our ears at Crum Heaven, maybe with slowed down birdsong, warm jungles, Gregorian chant and ginger mixing.

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