The Huddle - a two day online event asking “Who is left out?”


Monday 14 February and Tuesday 15 February at 10:00 - 15:00 both days



If the question of representation, diversity or inclusion has arisen in your field, institution or practice as an artist or producer, as a problem – then FutureBrownSpace offers an experiential online environment within which to contemplate and work with this question.

It does so from the embodied perspective of non-whiteness working in majority white institutions and fields, as an example of what exclusion does on a structural, cultural, political and personal level. Not all exclusions are the same. So, from this example, we invite you to work with an intersectional lens on who/what your institution/field/artistic work does not include and why? What could you do about it? Why do you want to do something about it?

The Huddle takes place on Zoom, in English. It is a two-day event and an aesthetic weave of lecture, creative writing, discussion, podcasts, music and video.

Participants are required to commit to the full event, since it constitutes a process over two days. Breaks are included, and part of the time is used for individual work. 

FutureBrownSpace is a Swedish Research Council funded artistic research project facilitated by John-Paul Zaccarini, Professor in Performing Arts at the Research Centre, Stockholm University of the Arts.
The Huddle is organised at Subcase in the framework of Samovar Circles, with the support of Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point. 

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