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At the moment it is not possible to apply to Subcase.
Below some info on how it will work when the calls open.

How to apply for performing or presenting your project
If you wish to perform a full length show, present a work in progress or present a pitch, then you need to apply. The deadline for artistic companies for next Subcase will be released in spring 2018.

Please observe that only companies based or produced in the Nordic countries are eligible to apply!

How to apply for being part of the Exhibition Space
If you wish a table in the Exhibition Space, then you also need to apply, since the space is limited. Read more here.

How the selection of artistic projects was made in Subcase 2017
A selection committee curated the artistic program for Subcase. The focus was on building a dynamic and diverse program, which allows a good Subcase experience for both presenters and artists.

The selection committee was constituted by representatives of venues from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The committee for 2017 consisted of:
Louise Kaare Jacobsen/Katrien Verwilt, KIT, Denmark
Jens Frimann Hansen, Passage Festival, Denmark
Martins Kibers, Re Riga Festival, Latvia
Lars Wassrin, Nycirkus Öst, Sweden
Riku Lievonen, Cirko Center, Finland
Hellen Smitterberg, Västmanlandsmusiken, Sweden
Pirjo Yli-Maunula, Flow Productions, Finland
Rachel Clare, Crying Out Loud, UK
Kiki Muukkonen, Subtopia, Sweden

The selection committee followed some criterias:
* Subcase only presents full length performance projects, no acts or numbers
* The full length shows must be in touring format
* The work in progress and pitches must be projects that aim to be full length shows
* The performances must be bookable from at latest autumn 2017 (not work in progress)
* The selection shall represent a width of genres, styles, audiences, sizes
* The shows must be suitable for an international audience
* Work in progress/pitches must have a clear purpose to present to international presenters
* The program shall represent an artistic diversity of interest for international presenters

Only companies based, produced or co-produced in the Nordic countries were eligible to apply. For Subcase 2017 60 artistic projects applied. The applications came from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania and Estonia – and some in co-production with other countries.

If you have questions about the selection, please contact:
Kiki Muukkonen kiki(at)