How to navigate in Subcase Cyber

The website moves sideways.
By scrolling up and down, you can move to the right and left in the forest.

For the full experience of the website, watch it on a computer and in full screen mode.

By clicking different objects in the forest, you find content like videos, links to artist pages, links to zoom meetings, or the participant infos.

Behind the curtain to the very left, you find a welcome speech. Click the play-sign!

Below the TV:s and in the bottom of the display cabinet, you find INFO signs – click those for explanations.

Follow the rabbits on the ladder, by clicking them, to Manegen panorama.

To the very right, you find the entrance to The Huddle.
If you have signed up, you will receive the password in the mail, which you hand to the door rabbit.
The Huddle opens on Tuesday morning.

If you have problems with the navigation, please contact us on