Kompani Giraff

Full length performance
Studio 3, Thursday 16/11 15.00 and Friday 17/11 11.15

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Duration: 30 min
Language: No text
Recommended audience: Family, specially for children 3-5 years
The performance is created for indoor venues

The performance
Two circus performers create living sculptures from common objects and their own bodies. Through acrobatics and magic, they find moments of balance, where almost everything is perfect and still. As this moment is quite fragile, concentration but also a little bit of luck is necessary to achieve it. With elegant movements they create installations and images where the different kind of elements have to interact, work together as they are physically holding each other, keeping the pictures from falling apart.

The company
Kompani Giraff is a Stockholm-based contemporary circus company driven by the passion of movement, poetry and magic. The company consists of director Viktoria Dalborg, magician Axel Adlercreutz and costume designer Sus Soddu.

Viktoria Dalborg

With the support from City of Stockholm (Stockholm Stad), Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Konstnärsnämnden), Stockholm Region (Stockholms Läns Landsting).