Welcome to Manegen Panorama!

MANEGEN is a Swedish national member organisation for circus, variety and street performance. The members of Manegen consist of artists, companies, producers, creators and students from the biggest actors in the art field like Subtopia, Cirkus Cirkör and Stockholm University of the Arts, to smaller companies and artists from different parts of the country. Manegen unifies and represents circus, variety and street performance, and improves the professional conditions on different levels. We also arrange daily training for professional artists.

In the Manegen Panorama, you will find information about 16 of our members and their ongoing or upcoming circus projects and performances. There are texts, pictures, trailers and 16 pitch videos, made especially for Subcase Cyber, that will be available on the website during the whole Subcase week.

For more info about Manegen, our news and events, please visit www.manegen.org or contact us at info@manegen.org.

Welcome to our world!