Below Zero Company

About the company

During the summer of 2018 four circus artists set sail in the Swedish archipelago. By the time they came back to shore, the dream of Below Zero had come to life. 

About the performance

KORUS is the upcoming production from Below Zero. The title, the Swedish word for “collective voice”, touches on the theme. KORUS is a piece that probes the idea of what it really means to come together. Through hand to hand acrobatics, tight wire and teeterboard the artists indulge in the risk of circus and cooperation. It is about human cooperation and cooperation with the natural world. The set design and technical equipment bring nature itself to the stage – wood, flowers, and a seven meter high tree, fill the spaces. In KORUS you´ll meet four artists as they come together on stage, unaware of what is happening in the outside world, unaware of the chaos that´s closing in. It´s a universe where we communicate through balance, strength, movement and acrobatics. But what happens when the world outside can no longer be ignored? 

Intended audience

From 12 years