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Producer of Subcase: Subtopia
Subtopia is an arts cluster with focus on creative businesses in general and contemporary circus and film making in particular. Subtopia manages 15 000 sqm of spaces, housing some 60 different organizations and businesses. Subtopia is main producer of Subcase, and located in Botkyrka in the Stockholm region.

Subcase 2019 was curated in collaboration between
Subtopia (Sweden)
KIT Copenhagen International Theatre (Denmark)
Västmanlandsmusiken (Sweden)
Passage Festival (Denmark)
Re Re Riga Festival (Latvia)
Nycirkus Öst (Sweden)
Cirko Center for New Circus (Finland)
New Circus Weekend (Lithuania)

Subcase, and the different activities at Subcase, are kindly supported by
Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet)
CircusInfo Finland
Nordic Culture Point
The city of Botkyrka

Special thanks to very valuable collaboration with
Cirkus Cirkör
Eskil Rønningsbakken