During one hour 6 companies give short presentations of premiered projects:
Marta Alstadsæter & Kim-Jomi Fischer: Engel
Duo Homeles Moreles: Liquorice and Lemons
Claire Parsons Co: Signals
Kompani Giraff: Tråkmånsafton
Ilona Jäntti & Aino Venna: Yablochkov Candle
Lalla and The Amazing Other: The High Life

Info on each below

Photo: Tom Rune Angell-Storö Juliussen


The performance
Engel poses questions without giving answers. It speaks about a continuous inner struggle, and about making peace with what we cannot explain. By facing the ‘angel’ we can embrace another side of being human. Praised by critics as “A very poetic and incredibly well-composed hour of body restraint and muscle strength at top level” (A.Gerhardsen, rating 6/6, Nordlys), the duet embodies these relations through a physical journey.

The company
Circus artist Marta Alstadsæter (Norway) and dancer Kim-Jomi Fischer (Netherlands) meet between genres and create their own expression. Since 2016 they have been in a process of in-depth research in order to discover their own language. They aim to create detailed and high quality content that remains inclusive and interesting for a broad audience.

Looking for
So far they have been well received, but are mostly moving within the dance scene. They wish to meet a bigger circus-related network and to have their piece seen and considered by other contemporary circus professionals, not merely for the sake of their work but as a contribution to the overall discussion about contemporary circus.


DUO HOMELES MORELES: Liquorice and Lemons

The performance
Life is full of little moments: sorrows, joys, jokes, disappointments, tears, laughter and so much more that we cannot put our finger on. The performance follows a couple through moments of connection and loss of connection. Even after a sour nosh of lemons or a bitter bite of liquorice, the taste in your mouth stays oh so sweet.

The company
Duo Homeles Moreles was founded in May 2015 by Juhis Eskelinen (Finland) and Grete Gross (Estonia) after graduating from SaSak Circus Education in Finland. They decided to focus on creating with a minimum of equipment, on being easily reachable, on requiring minimal space and facilities, and on sharing simple joy, laughter and love.

Looking for
Looking for possibilities to tour the show, mainly to family and children’s festivals, and school and kinder-garten programs. Also to have a great time with circus friends from around the world, sharing thoughts, creations, plans, hopes and dreams to make the circus grow, spread and share its magic.



The performance
Signals invites us in, sending out a play of movement, sound, light and images. The audience moves with the performers, creating spaces and actions together. In Signals we are in a world where physicality and sounds are presented in new contexts, places, directions. Signals was an artistic challenge and a new direction for Claire Parsons Co, and has become acclaimed for its “weave of democratic actions”.

The company
Claire Parsons Co. is an award-winning dance company making clever and elegant performing arts for children. Joyous movement and fanciful sightings of the life around us make the stories relevant to audiences worldwide with a delicious mix of dance and gentle circus.

Looking for
To meet people dedicated to creating good performances, to see new shows, to present and to exchange ideas.


KOMPANI GIRAFF: Tråkmånsafton

The performance
A circus performance about the world’s most boring day, based on a children’s book by Adam Dahlin. From a massive cube made of old furniture, a story is told where everyday objects take on new unexpected functions. With acrobatics, object manipulation and juggling, the tradition of Boredom Eve is celebrated.

The company
Kompani Giraff is a Stockholm-based contemporary circus company driven by a passion for movement, poetry and magic. The company consists of director Viktoria Dalborg, magician Axel Adlercreutz and designer Sus Soddu.

Looking for
To reach out to programmers and festival directors in Sweden and internationally.


Photo: Kimmo Metsaranta

ILONA JÄNTTI & AINO VENNA: Yablochkov Candle

The performance
Enter the velvet world of cabaret in the 1920s for an evening of poetic jazz and aerial performance infused with the smoky tones of French chansons and old school rock ‘n’ roll. Surrounding the audience with mixture of sultry songs and sophisticated aerial choreography, aerialist Ilona Jäntti and singer-songwriter Aino Venna have created a minimalist cabaret-esque night.

The company
Finnish Ilona Jäntti graduated from Circuspiloterna in Stockholm 2003, and has been working since as an aerialist, choreographer and director around the world. Many of her works have a strong site-specific or site-responsive aspect. Aino Venna started as a solo performer in 2010 and has released three albums. Her music flirts with chanson and jazz, old rock ‘n’ roll and folk. The lyrics derive from literature, films, and the past.

Looking for
To present the work to a wider audience, and to connect with Nordic and Baltic colleagues.



The performance
The High Life is a 45 minute trapeze/theatre performance that lets the audience experience life on the bar. Following the high flying, wonderfully weird relationship between the two artists, we see them figuring out how to meet as strangers, how to share their interests, and finally how to find personal space within the frame of the trapeze. The performance alternates between comedy and tragedy, love and aggression, emotion and control. An imaginative and poetic exploration of extreme physics.

The company
Lalla La Cour and Eivind Øverland do trapeze of all kinds: duo, solo, static and swinging. They are on a joyous mission to explore what they can do with their bodies, and what they can make their audiences feel. They are always pushing the artistic expression and the format of their discipline, as well as their physique and level of skill, just a little bit further. Together they are Lalla and The Amazing Other.

Looking for
The company would like to see this show tour. They believe it has the potential to capture the interest of programmers. Potentially they are also looking for a producer, for this and other projects. They want to develop theirnetwork.


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