PLAST Work in progress Riksteatern, Tuesday 12 & Wednesday 13 February @11.40

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During Hege’s school project she ended up using a lot of plastic and ice. This became ironic when thinking about the situation of the world today. The performers started to look at the relation found in cold melting objects balanced between bodies in a rope. Plast is a family performance aiming to explore the effect and relation to the life of the objects, audience and performers through the use of double rope, hair-hanging, traditional music and storytelling.

Language: The text can be spoken in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic, French, Portuguese. The company is also open to learn new languages.(At Subcase the text will be in English.)
Recommended audience: Family friendly
The performance is created for indoor venues.

Purpose of the work in progress presentation
To showcase, look for co-producers and touring for the upcoming show.

The artist
The first starting point of Plast was Hege and Karoline having been in Nairobi, training double rope with Kenyan acrobats. The second starting point was the final project of Hege’s Master in Circus at DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts. She invited Karoline and Love to experiment creating a living space, a secular cathedral exploring the life of objects and the interaction of the objects, space, audience and performers. Now they would like to adapt it to different formats and audiences.

Artistic team
Performers: Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells, Karoline Aamås (at Subcase replaced by Mari Stoknes), Love Kjellsson
Outside eye: Ilona Jäntti

Hege Eriksdatter Østefjells

With the support of Cirkus Xanti, DOCH/Stockholm University of the Arts.