CirkusMania Festival

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In the years since its first edition in 2009, Subcase has become an well-known meeting place for Nordic circus, each year attracting the international circus sector to Botkyrka in Sweden.

In the Stockholm region there is a growing audience for circus, but no circus festival. In recent editions Subcase, which is a closed event, collaborated with local venues to open some evening performances to a general audience. But still there remained a desire for more artists to be able to present performances in connection to Subcase, and for programmers to be able to see more than what Subcase can offer within its program.

As a result, Subtopia is now introducing a new concept: in parallell with Subcase, Subtopia is coordinating a public Nordic circus festival in the Stockholm region, running 11-16 February 2019, named CirkusMania.

The entire CirkusMania program is public, and not part of your Subcase registration.
Tickets to CirkusMania performances are not part of the Subcase fee.

CirkusMania performances are listed on the Subcase website and in the schedule.
They are marked * CirkusMania Festival *.
When the Subcase tickets are released in December, all registered participants will receive info on how to book tickets for CirkusMania performances.

The webpage of CirkusMania is in Swedish only on