Subcase DJ 2019

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Subcase 2019 has its very own DJ: NIKLAS NIKI BLOMBERG

Niklas is a Berlin-based, born in Finland, musician and acrobat with many strings to his bow. After graduating from DOCH in 2012, he co-founded the circus company Animal Religion. His music journey, however, started 25 years ago with training in classical piano, morphing along the way into electronic music composition.

On his list of achievements Niklas can count writing a dadaist book, being a background dancer for Swedish popstar Beatrice Eli, producing music for the pop-project Ariah Lester, running various dance music experiments, folding japanese origami for exhbitions, and founding the performative punk band Muovipussi. He handsews customised futuristic high heels, and enthusiastically studies alchemy and ayurveda. He would love to create a multidisciplinary site-specific show in a festival or theatre.

As a DJ, Niklas loves to bring forward the free, life-bubbling creative music that he finds often gets lost in the face of our own laziness to search for it. At Subcase it could be anything from slowed-down birdsong, warm jungles, ginger mixing and gregorian chant at relaxed moments in the foyer – to energetic physical journeys and the latest musical inspiration, with treasures of all kinds including various electronic genres, bollywood, galloping horses, voguing beats, Brazilian funk, Persian disco, 80’s dancehall, Finnish folk, cheesy pop, Bach, Detroit house and techno on the dance floor.

If you’d like to propose a wild idea to Niki, send him a mail on, or just go talk to him at Subcase. He will be DJ-ing here and there (but not everywhere).