At Subcase 2017 we presented a number of seminars, with speeches that have been widely appreciated. In case you missed out, here is your opportunity to read them!

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Seminar Wednesday 15 November 2017:

– Addressing dominant ideologies in artistic practise

What practical knowledge do performing artists develop when they have the ambition to work with awareness and responsibility on issues of power relations in society?

This seminar was hosted by Swedish Institute and gave the floor to two artists with vast experience of reflecting on representation and addressing hegemonies within their performing arts practise in the circus field. During this hour they each individually shared some of their thoughts on gender, sexuality and other kinds of power relations in relation to artistic work.

John-Paul Zaccarini is PhD, Associate Professor in Circus at DOCH (part of Stockholm University of the Arts) and a transdisciplinary artist. He will spoke under the headline ”The Aesthetics of Privilege and Qualitative Inclusion”, collecting a series of poetic and political thoughts on intersectionality and privilege. Read John-Paul Zaccarini’s talk here.

Rebecca Tiger is the founder of Ruby Rose Production, in which she has produced performances like Eat it, Big Ass BBQ and Arise Amazons. She has worked as a performer within the circus field for more than 15 years, and defines herself a feminist artist. Read Rebecca Tiger’s talk here.


Seminar 14 November 2017:


As contemporary circus grows as an artform and becomes increasingly diverse, there is also an increase in the number of debates and ideas around inclusivity and exclusivity in relation to circus. When we “run away with the circus” what do we leave behind? When art is made ‘”for everyone”, who does it refer to? Can outsiders mobilise change?

Baltic Nordic Circus Network hosted this seminar which explored the concept of inclusiveness and exclusiveness approached from different angles.

Vicki Amedume has 18 years of experience of working in circus arts following her initial training as a research scientist. She founded Upswing, a contemporary circus company, in 2006. Upswing is now a charity and an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation developing a variety of performances, programmes and participatory experiences that use the playfulness and wonder of circus to bring people together and enable them to discover new potential in themselves and in others. Read Vicki Amedume’s talk here.

Ivan Kralj is an award-winning producer, publisher and writer from Croatia. He is the founder of Festival Novog Cirkusa in Zagreb, Croatian Circus Information Center and various projects that laid the foundation for circus development in South-Eastern Europe. Besides providing stage and production for non-mainstream circus artworks, in the past decade Ivan has been successfully stretching the borders of the cultural field with even edgier projects such as Freaky Friday Sideshow Season or Bestiarum Fetish Art Festival. After a parallel career in investigative and cultural journalism, in 2017 Ivan launched, a blog documenting his passion for extraordinary travel.