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Register for Subcase 2017 here!

Please observe that Subcase is not an open event. To be allowed to register you need to fullfil some criterias. If these criterias are not fulfilled, your registration will not be accepted.

Subcase is an event specifically for programmers, /co-/producers of venues, festivals and performing arts events, agents, funding organizations and journalists. Registration is only open to the representatives of organizations that present or support performing arts.

Subcase is not a festival, but a showcase and a fair. The companies that perform at Subcase do so specifically in order to reach organizations capable to support or present their work. Subcase is not open to the public. There is a limited number of registrations: maximum 5 people from the same organization can register.

Please note that artists who wish to participate in Subcase need to apply.
The call for artists for Subcase 2017 is closed. For info, please click “Artist info” in the menu. Artists can however not register for Subcase.