In the slang used by medieval theatre actors, the stage was referred to as The Green. The Green is a solo stage performance by Kalle Nio: visual theatre using stage magic, video projections and surround sound as the means of expression. The thematic core of The Green is formed by hauntology, spirituality found in the act of consuming, and the unboxing videos on Youtube.

Language: No text
Recommended audience: From age 7
The performance is created for indoor venues.

Purpose of the work in progress presentation
To show the new work to international presenters.

The artist
The work of visual artist and magician Kalle Nio is a combination of magic, visual arts, circus and theatre. In his stage performances and cinematic installations, he is an inventor, performer and a researcher creating encounters between the past and the present, between the high arts and the sideshows, between craft and technology, between real and illusions. With his performing arts group WHS he has performed in more than 30 different countries.

Artistic Team
Author(s): Kalle Nio & the group
Direction and interpretation: Kalle Nio

Kalle Nio

With the support of Samuel Huber Art Foundation, Silence Festival, Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Produced by WHS/Teatteri Union, Helsinki. In co-production with São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisbon.

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