A critique of identity politics, that celebrates diversity at the intersections of gender, class, race and sexuality.
Contains: rope, sling, bungy, trapeze, rap, stand-up, street dance, feathers, wings, wigs, glitter, molasses, white clay and black oil.
About: #metoo, whiteness, male privilege, straightness, single gay fatherhood, through shameless acts of failed circus, retro-rap and colour-(ed/ful) dance.

Language: English. Some parts can be performed in French, Italian, Spanish or Swedish. However all rap material must be done in English.
Recommended audience: From age 16
The performance is created for indoor venues

Purpose of the work in progress presentation
To expose the work and have conversations with the international contemporay circus field. Expecting to have exciting, productive, edgy conversations about the lack of intelligent representation within the circus field. Initiate forward-thinking dialogues with venues and festivals about representation, not only for this show but also regarding the concept of diversity across the field.

The artist
JayPeeZee is a drag circus artist, a Professor who raps: a queer, of colour, working class, hip-hop drama clown queen. Homo-funky and street spunky, the queer circus returns from the 90’s to embolden beige political performance and drop its poetic mixed-race ink into a sea of circus white. Serving up South London shade and immigrant working class realness, the show blends the brains with the bitch and the spectacular with the serious.

Artistic Team
Performer: JayPeeZee
Composer: Peter Coyte

John-Paul Zaccarini

With the support of Uniarts Stockholm.

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