Three Men from the North is about awkwardness. It´s about a hard days work, tradition and routines. About coffee and knitted woollen clothing. It´s a performance steeped in tradition and nostalgia, built on contemporary circus practices. With themes drawn from the North, the artists work with juggling and live music, text and rope. The performance aims to be as blunt and to the point as only Finnish humour can be, with Swedish self-awareness and a hint of Icelandic peculiarity.

Language: Speaking is not an essential part of the performance, but audiences who understand English may enjoy it more.
Recommended audience: All ages
The performance is created for indoor venues.

Purpose of the work in progress presentation
To make connections and partnerships both with programming organizations the in the north, and also artists that the company could work with or alongside. They are also very interested in feedback, and grateful for artistic input on the material.

The artistic company
The Nordic Council started organically through material made individually and in duos by the three members when studying at Codarts Rotterdam. Unified by the quaintness of the material and their collective urge to explore elements of performance that weren’t their ‘strengths’, the company was created. They are now putting skills they struggle with on stage, juggling Ikea furniture, and, in their own way, sharing a bit of their home with the audience.

Artistic team
Performers: Merri Heikkilä, Jakob Jacobsson, Bjarni Àrnason
Outside eye: Gerindo Kartadinata

Jakob Jacobsson

With the support of Stichting Circunstruction and Jördis Cordua.

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